7 -Paopao – August 20th-Oceanside

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7 -Paopao - August 24th-Oceanside

7 -Paopao - August 24th-Oceanside
7 -Paopao - August 24th-Oceanside

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7 -Paopao - August 24th-Oceanside

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DIRECTIONS (see map) From Interstate 5, take the Harbor Drive exit west. Harbor Drive will take you directly to the entrance of the Harbor.

PARKING (see map) Free parking is available a short distance away from the race site. To reach free parking, take the first left at Carmelo Drive (Del Taco).

CANOE & BOAT TRAILERS (see map) Canoe trailer parking is located at the race site. Spots for trailer parking will be reserved by Oceanside Outrigger members until 6:30 am. Please have your canoe trailers at the Harbor by 6:30 am.

Canoes are to be rigged on the beach and launched from the South and Middle boat ramps only. Proceed to Launch ramp when all 6 paddlers are ready to immediately paddle away.

Please bring your carts.

Because the Oceanside boat ramp can be very busy on a summer morning, we ask that canoes get rigged early and placed on the water as soon as possible to facilitate the start of the races. You will be able to catch up with your escort boat and set your starting crew in the mouth of the harbor.

NO beach launching allowed.