Kanaka Guest paddle day

Our guest paddle days allow new or novice paddles to get introduced to Outrigger Canoeing in a fun, safe environment with happy Kapunas (Enlightened elders). First, we give you a history of our club and make introductions. Next, we provide you with dry land instructions on how to paddle. We then assess your current physical ability and set the boats. You will be directed to a seat in the boat based on your current experience and physical shape. Once in the boat, you will take directions from your steersman. Typically, on your first paddle, expect to be in the water for approximately 45 minutes. We usually do a spin around Spanish Landing and back. Once back at shore, we debrief with you on your experience, and they invite you to enjoy a hearty Kanaka breakfast with the club.

If you want to pursue the sport after your initial paddle with us, we offer five complimentary guest paddles. We would be happy to have that conversation if you would still like to learn more about joining the club.

We have a guest paddle event followed by a breakfast every three months on the second Saturday of the month.  You can also paddle with the club as a guest any Tuesday or Thursday afternoon from 3-5 pm at Kanaka Landing. If you can’t make it during the week, we also paddle Saturday mornings at 8 am till 11 am. 

We look forward to seeing you at one of your weekly paddles or guest events. 


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