Club Officers

Dru Butler

I have 25 years of paddling experience, most in the Pacific Northwest and on the Columbia River.  I started a club there and served as a club president.   I’m familiar with the many administrative and personal touches needed to create an enduring ohana.

I graduated from SDSU, lived the OB/Sunset Cliffs surfer life, and played lots of volleyball when I was young. I also lived on the North Shore briefly before attending Oregon State and beginning my adult life up north.

My husband and I retired three years ago from our environmental regulatory jobs and returned to Pt. Loma to be reunited with our daughters and grandkids.   And I found Kanaka!!

I am a believer in servant leadership, and I will work hard to provide opportunities for all of our paddlers, the experienced competitors as well as the enthusiastic novices.  I continue to learn about the Hawaiian culture, and I cherish the simple grace provided by the Ho’oponopono prayer which Nano shared with me.

“I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.”

Bruce Griffiths
Vice President

Aloha Kanaka.  This is my second tenure as KOCC VP, and I’m happy to be back!

2023 is my 15th year as a Kanaka and as an outrigger paddler.  Club founder, Mikey Berrill, sponsored me in 2009, at the start of Kanaka’s first year. I immediately fell in love with the sport.  One of my life highlights came as a paddler, representing Kanaka at the Queen Liliuokalani race in 2012.   Truly a grand adventure!  I’ve paddled with KOCC in all the SCORA venues, Long Beach, Marina Del Rey, Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Avila. Plus, Another Dam Race, TEMPE, Salton Sea, and now Havasu. 

Outside of Kanaka, I’ve spent the last 45 years as an organizational consultant and founder of Organization Systems International (OSI) founder.  I started work as a proud 1969 graduate of the United States Coast Guard Academy.  After earning my commission and B.S., I served my obligatory five years as an officer in the US Coast Guard and Navy.   I served with both the Coast Guard and the Navy in Viet Nam and with the Navy in the Mideast.  After transitioning to reserve officer status, I earned my M.S. in Industrial / Organizational Psychology from SDSU.  I began my consulting career with a multi-national conglomerate, The Wickes Companies, in their HQ HR Department.  I left Wickes in 1980 to form OSI.  I retired from the US Coast Guard Reserve as a Captain in 1993. 

I’ve been married for 43 years to the wonderful Gail Walraven (recognized by KOCC as a Club Champion!), and we’ve raised three boys, Kellen, Dustin, and Case.   I’m originally from the Midwest; I was born in the U.P. of Michigan (making me a Yooper), and my family is from Green Bay (yes, I’m a Packer fan and owner).

David Talbot

Originally from England, I am a long-time San Diego resident. I have always liked endurance sports. I have done several
not very fast marathons, and a long time ago, I rowed for the Royal Navy crew.
Kanaka introduced me to paddling just over a year ago, and I have really enjoyed the sport and the friendship. I also
paddle an old but good OC1. I am very interested in improving Kanaka’s racing performance, though I was the only
Kanaka Member to huli (capsize) in the 2022 Race Season.
I work full-time running a software development company and live in Mission Valley with my wife Olga. I promise to
keep the books in good order.

Mia Murray

Aloha! I am a Seattle native and have been happy to call San Diego home since 1982.  I spent five years in the Navy, a San Diego State graduate, and now retired from a phenomenal career as a Proposal and Contract Analyst. 

Paddling is now a very important part of my life: the sport, the culture, the people, and the camaraderie. I am proud to be one of the original Kanaka wahines, following in the club's footsteps of some amazing and wise gentlemen. I’ve completed the Queen Liliuokalani long-distance race twice and am now building my steering skills.  As a steersman, I survived my first race, huli, in 2023 and have a very good understanding of staying present. 

As a Kanaka Board member, I do my best to lead by example and will work to build relationships with SCORA and other clubs.  I assist our club members with technology challenges and work with our Kanaka tech team to solve our business and communication needs.  If Kanaka members have ideas or questions to work smarter, not harder, I am always here to help.  I have great respect for the water and am constantly learning of its power, understand NO is a complete sentence, yet have aptly earned the nickname “yeah-yeah.”

Matt Rhoades
James Beck
Past President

Experienced in Naval Operational Architectures with a demonstrated history of working in the Defense & Space industry. Skilled in Operational Planning, Tactics, C6ISR, Command, and Information Assurance.

Sigmund Bobczynski