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Age Eligibility: As a kupuna club, every member must be at least 50 years old to be eligible to participate in SCORA sanctioned races. New kupunas are considered eligible if they turn 50 at any point during the first year of joining.

Prior Experience: Prior paddling experience is not required, but the sport is demanding. General athleticism and good physical conditioning are important. Members must also be competent swimmers.

Sponsorship: Prospective members must be sponsored and presented to the general membership by a current member.

Trial Membership: During the off-season (October-April) the Club hosts prospective paddler events. These are typically on a Saturday, are free, and allow the prospective members to try out the sport. Prospective members and visitors can participate for free for their first few paddles. In the Aloha Spirit, space is offered free (space available) to other paddlers who are visiting the San Diego area.

Fees: Membership in the Club requires annual dues of $450. Occasional fees to cover unusual expenses (e.g., purchase of new canoe, etc.) are proposed and voted on by the general membership.